21st Feb 2010

A primer to Symphony 2's default theme

Every theme in Symphony has an important mission: to introduce newcomers to Symphony by way of a working example. Spectrum, the name of this version's default theme, was designed and developed with such a mission in mind by following a set of constraints. A default theme is required to:

  1. be presented in a format that is universally identified and intuitive.
  2. have a clear and simple HTML structure.
  3. demonstrate the fundamental concepts in Symphony - sections, fields, data sources and events and their interactions together.
  4. avoid functionality that does not have any educational value.

The design

Our first rule states that a default theme needs to be in a format that is instantly recognisable to a user. As a result, all of the themes created in Symphony's history have emphasised a weblog structure. Spectrum continues this tradition.


22 Feb

Drop in and have a chat with the Symphony developers over at irc.freenode.net on #symphony. You'll need an IRC Client.

22 Feb

Check the official Symphony downloads page for a full list of extensions, ensembles and XSLT utilities.